White USB LED Flexlight Kit for Dell Laptop Docks

Precision Mounting Technologies AS7.U220.022

Precision Mounting Technologies

  • $69.00
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Precision Mounting Technologies Ltd.

Attaches to PMT Dell laptop docking stations via dock-specific mounting bracket and zip ties. USB connection to docking station for power. Provides white coloured light for increasing vehicle operator visibility in dark operating situations. LED light for power efficiency and increased bulb life. Rigid flex cable for maximum adjustment and positioning.


  • Ergonomic, compact, and small size
  • Aircraft-grade aluminum construction
  • Cradle can be adapted to form-fit a wide variety of slate tablet models and sizes, including tablets with jackets or cases.
  • VESA 75mm mounting plate.
  • Key lock mechanism with adjustable clamps ensures safety and deters theft.



0.25 Lbs. / 0.11 Kg

Total Length

23 In / 58.42 Cm

Flex Cable Length

18.7 In / 47.5 Cm


PMT Dell Laptop Docking Stations and Cradles