GoLight Vehicle Accessories

In the summer of 1994 Jerry Gohl boarded a plane bound for his home state of Nebraska, and in the cargo hold of that 747 sat 18 Golight, model 5149s. Those 18 lights were the first ever Golights produced, but they represented more than a first production run, they carried with them the fate of a fledgling company. In December of 1992 the idea for a remote controlled spotlight was spawned. Jerry parlayed a connection with a design engineer, Al Gebhard, into engineering drawings and eventually a prototype and by late 1993 tooling had been completed. With 18 lights in tow, Jerry set about explaining to buyers across the country what they had been missing prior to the Golight. The task was vast as was the implication; 5000 additional Golights were being manufactured and they needed shelf space.

Since then, Golight has set the industry standard in remote controlled lighting. Our lights are in service around the world lightning the way for everything from MATVs in Afghanistan to snow plows in Alaska. Over the course of the 2+ decades that Golight has been in existence, numerous updates have been made to the original Golight, new technologies have been utilized and new models have been added to the line. However, the commitment to quality and durability that Jerry demanded of his first 18 lights has remained unchanged. Golight’s pledge to our customers is this, we promise to keep an eye on the future and embrace innovation in the lighting industry, to design and manufacture the highest quality products in the marketplace and to stand behind our products with unparalleled warranties and service.