QC-D Quick Cleaner for Pre-Conditioning Engines

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Specialty Fuels Quick Cleaner (QC) Series
SFI’s advanced technology designed to pre-condition engines prior to adding D-EX. Cleans injectors, removes deposits while increasing fuel efficiency. SFI products are EPA approved and reduce GHG’s.
SFI’s Quick Cleaner Series includes chemical components formulated to quickly clean harmful deposits that build up on fuel injectors, cylinders heads, engine components, and the combustion chamber. They prevent a variety of engine-related issues; overall engine performance is improved significantly.
Our Quick Cleaners keep fuel clean and stable with an added benefit of preventing corrosion and the growth of harmful mold, fungus and bacteria. Highly concentrated, our formulas also assist in removing varnish, gum and sludge from the fuel system. The QC-Series eliminates moisture in fuel tanks to prevent tank corrosion.
The QC-Series restores your engine to the optimum performance level it was manufactured to provide.
QC-D Quick Facts
  • 1 liter treats 1000 liters 
  • Increases Cetane
  • Reduces black smoke
  • Eliminates black filter build-up
  • Prevents carbon build-up
  •  Removes build-up on injectors and combustion chamber
  • Increases power
  • Quick and easy start after storage
  • All SFI products Comply to ASTM and North American Fuel Standards
  • SFI products have been lab-tested and certified through real-world use

Pour QC-D directly in the fuel tank prior to filling. Recommended Usage:
For Short Haul: Use every 25,000 km (15,000 mi)
For Long Haul: Use every 42,000 km (25,000 mi)

The recommended dosage is ratio of 1:1000 L or 1: 264 gallons

For optimum performance treat as follows:

  • (50 ml to 100 L of diesel)
  • (1.7 oz to 26.5 gal of diesel)
  • (100 ml to 200 L of diesel)
  • (3.4 oz to 53 gal of diesel)

Keep upright and away from moisture, preferred storage temperature 0°C (32°F)- 35°C (95°F).