SHPE and PRO Series Pre-Wet Kits

SaltDogg® Pre-Wet Kit for SHPE1500 Spreaders with 60 Gallon Reservoir

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The SaltDogg?? Pre-Wet Kit for SHPE and PRO Series Spreaders improves your deicing capabilities by adding liquid ice-melt to your salt. This helps the salt stick to the pavement, and it lowers the salt's freezing temperature so it can melt ice at lower temperatures. The end result is a more efficient and effective spreader that saves you time and material. The pre-wet kit comes with a corrosion resistant 60 gal polymer reservoir specially designed to fit next to your SaltDogg PRO2000/PRO2500 Series spreader. The reservoir is held in place by the included stainless steel brackets and tie downs. Each kit also includes a pressure sensor to indicate a filter clog or low tank level. The system's 12 VDC electric diaphragm pump is rated at 3 GPM/ 45 PSI. A variable speed in-cab controller allows you to control the volume of liquid being applied to your salt. Kits include a reservoir, pump, in-cab controller, hoses, fittings, ball valve, filter, wiring, connectors, and stainless steel brackets and tie downs. Compatible with: SaltDogg PRO2000, PRO2000CH, PRO2500, and PRO2500CH Series Spreaders Enhance your salt spreader by adding liquid ice-melt to your salt. Everything you need to install and run your pre-wet system. Helps salt stick to pavement and melt ice at lower ambient temperatures. Low maintenance electric drive. Sturdy corrosion resistant poly reservoir specially designed to fit against your SHPE or PRO series spreader. In-cab controls to easily adjust volume of liquid being applied. Includes tie downs and corrosion resistant stainless steel brackets.

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