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i Alco Supreme Breathalyzer

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The Alco Smart i connects by Bluetooth to Android phones and tablets from 4.3 and newer versions and those of Apple brand (iPhone and iPad) versions of iOS 7 and newer. The i Alco Smart allows you to view your alcohol level on the screen of your favorite device, and, in just seconds! The i Alco Smart offers:

  • Several attractive visual displays allowing you to use the sensor well and interpret the results.
  • The application indicates the time for you reach a zero rate blood alcohol or equivalent to the legal limit.
  • You can access your last 500 results and send them via a text message, Facebook or Twitter to another smartphone!
  • You can set the legal limit according to the standards and the measurement unit of the country or province in which you find or traveling!


  • Device compatible with Android devices versions 4.3 and newer as well as Apple products iOS version 7.
  • Model with an electrochemical sensor. The best available technology on the market and included in the devices used by police.
  • Detection: 0.000 to 0.400% BAC (blood alcohol content).
  • Accuracy: +/- 5% to 0.05%. √î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ© Operating Temperature : 10 to 40 √î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ© C.
  • necessary blowing time of just 6 seconds.
  • internal pump system to ensure a sufficient breath sample.
  • Memory of your last 500 tests including numbering and date display and time of each.
  • Sending your result to another smartphone via text message, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Estimate the time required to find a sober state or obtain a result corresponding to the legal limit
  • Adjustment legal limit of alcohol depending on your province or country.
  • Reminder indicating that the calibration of your device is required.
  • Indicator of low battery easy to interpret.
  • Dimensions: 8.4 cm x 4.6 cm (1.6 cm approximately).
  • 5 mouth parts individually wrapped (included).
  • Requires only 1 AAA battery (not included).
  • Units:.%, √î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©√î√∏Œ©, mg / L mg / 100 ml
  • Small, light and easy to carry, i Alco Smart fits easily in a shirt pocket or a handbag.