3/8 Inch Male Flush-Face Coupler With 3/8 Inch NPT Port - FM0606 - Buyers Products

3/8 Inch Male Flush-Face Coupler With 3/8 Inch NPT Port

Buyers Products FM0606

Buyers Products

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The Male Flush-Face Coupler from Buyers Products is easy to connect with a simple push. There's no need to retract the sleeve. Manufactured to ISO 16028 specs, the coupler has a 5000 PSI rating and a 4 to 1 safety factor. It has several key safety and operational features that protect your system. Its locking sleeve prevents accidental disconnection while in operation. The coupler also is designed to prevent air inclusion upon connection and spillage upon disconnection. A push-on rubber dust protector for the coupler side helps keep contaminants from entering the hydraulic system.

Is designed for safe operation, minimal spillage, and no air inclusion.

Truck and Trailer Hydraulic Systems

Easy to connect push-on operation.

Safe locking sleeve design prevents accidental disconnection during operation.

Minimal leakage on disconnection.

No air inclusion when connected.

Rubber dust cap keeps contaminants out of your system.

Manufactured to ISO 16028 specs.

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