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Hot Shift PTO for Ford® 10 Speed

Buyers Products B3940POE783DA

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The Hot Shift PTO from Buyers Products is designed for Ford?? 10 Speed automatic transmissions, offering a 130% output speed ratio. It drives the pump and supplies hydraulic flow to hydraulic components, even while the engine is running and the transmission is engaged. It increases productivity and efficiency for fleets of hydraulically operated equipment. Comes complete with 10-bolt unit, harness, hoses, fittings, and mounting hardware to prevent leaking and minimize maintenance.

Hot Shift PTO for Ford?? 10 Speed

On Ford?? 10R-140 automatic transmissions

Designed for use on Ford 10R-140 automatic transmissions, 130% output speed ratio

Allows on the ???fly??? engaging of PTO to drive pump and supply hydraulic flow to hydraulic components

Robust, low-profile housing allows easier installation on truck and clocking of pump for clearance

Comes complete with 10-bolt PTO unit, wire harness, hoses, fittings and mounting hardware.

DIN 5462 8 Tooth Splined output shaft with 4-bolt mounting flange

OPTIONAL- Bolt-on Adapter accessory P/N- B806735, permits installation of standard SAE A flanged- 5/8"-9 tooth splined shaft pump onto DIN 5462 PTO mount

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