Intermittent Duty 12 Volt Plastic Case Solenoid

12 Volt Plastic Case Insulated Solenoid Intermittent Duty GND To Activate

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Buyers Products Intermittent Duty 12 Volt Plastic Case Solenoid features low-input, high-output operation ideal for 12V snow plows and lift gates that require heavy duty electric motors. The solenoid is available in a positive 12V-activated or a ground-activated model. Both have threaded terminals and pre-drilled mounting holes that make installation a snap.

Will keep your plow and lift gate powered and working for you.

Snow Plows

Lift Gates

Intermittent duty gives you the power when you need it.

Reliable 12V motor operation.

Insulated, durable casing keeps solenoid protected and working.

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