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Want to know how much a remote starter will cost to install in your vehicle specifically? Tell us a little about you and your vehicle and get a quotation for an installed remote starter, instantly! All our remote starters come with remote door locks and are compatible with MPI approved immobilizers.

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Winters in Winnipeg and Manitoba are unforgiving. Let CAA Manitoba and Absolute Autoguard help you and your vehicle get prepared for another memorable winter with a remote starter.


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We’ve shopped around and found that not all advertised remote starter prices are what you pay after installation. In fact, installation is often left out of the advertised price. Get the details and always ask for all installed pricing.

Autostart AS-1780 1-Way Remote Car Starter

Understanding the Types of Remote Starters

There’s more to remote starters than just a button that starts your vehicle. Options like working distance, remote door locks, alarm or immobilizer compatibility are key considerations when choosing a remote starter.