Remote Starter Installation Costs


When remote starters for your vehicle are advertised they typically do not include installation costs to place the unit in your car or truck.

Absolute Autoguard offers professional and quality installation, we back all our installs up with a guarantee and can integrate a remote starter into almost any vehicle, allowing it to work with immobilizers or other electronics.


Remote Starter Installation Costs

  • Installation costs to integrate the unit into your vehicle
    • Remote starter installation charge: $150
  • Chip key bypass – if your vehicle was manufactured after 2008 it most likely has a chip key that must be bypassed for the remote starter
    • Bypass charge (not required for all vehicles): $100
  • Standard or automatic transmission – with manual transmissions there is additional installation work that needs to be completed
    • Manual transmission charge (not required for all vehicles): $50

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Please note: These installation cost estimates apply only to products sold by Absolute Autoguard. Some vehicles may have special installation requirements which would also affect installation charges.

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