Luxury Vehicle Remote Starters


Luxury, pre-warmed. Remote start your vehicle with the touch of a button. 

Many luxury vehicles do not come with an available remote starter, or if they do, the range is short and less-functional. Absolute Autoguard carries remote starters for many luxury vehicle manufacturers that extend range, add functionality and enhance your luxury experience.

Luxury Vehicles for Remote Starters

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Seamless Integration

Non-invasive installation for many vehicles means that your warranty is safe and sound. There are no hard changes to your engine or wiring to worry about.

Smart Phone Compatible

Sometimes a keychain remote or FOB can be bulky and difficult to find or use. All of are luxury vehicle remote starters come with the option of using your smart phone device (iPhone, Android and Blackberry) to control your vehicle. Locking, unlocking, starting and stopping are all available, including full featured GPS location features.

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