Absolute AutoGuard is committed to protecting Manitoban’s from auto theft by installing MPI (Manitoba Public Insurance) approved immobilizers. Absolute AutoGuard is the sole distributor of AutoWatch 573PPi immobilizers, one of only two after-market MPI approved systems.

An immobilizer is an electronic device fitted in a vehicle that arms automatically when the vehicle is switched off and thus protects the vehicle by preventing unauthorized starting.

Immobilizers protect vehicles by being integrated in the automobile’s circuitry and engine-management system. When the vehicle is switched off, the immobilizer automatically interrupts the power to multiple electronic circuits: the starter, ignition and fuel pump.

Only the correctly coded key (key fob) can enable the circuits and thus can start the vehicle. If the correct code is not recognized, or someone attempts to start the vehicle by some other means, the system will remain armed and prevent the vehicle from starting.

The spare transponder (key fob) or code tag to re-program the vehicle should be kept in a safe place at all times. If the key fob is lost, the code tag will be needed to re-program the vehicle.

Immobilizers should be checked regularly by trying to start the vehicle without the key fob. The vehicle should not start. If the vehicle starts, you should take the vehicle back to the installer immediately.

Immobilizers are designed to work seamlessly with the vehicle electrical system and Absolute AutoGuard is committed to top quality installs.

If you are experiencing any issues, call Absolute AutoGuard at 204-928-7000.